About Us


I am Travis, the founder of Roofing and Restoration by Romney. I have been in the Roofing and Restoration industry for seven years. Prior to working in the Roofing and Restoration industry, I worked with several different insurance companies.

I am a general contractor, which allows him to work directly on homeowners roofs. Because of my prior experience with working with insurance agencies, I am also able to give estimates.

I am able to give homeowners an estimate if insurance isn’t an option, but my primary goal is to work directly with insurance agencies and get on the same page on what a fair evaluation and estimate should be. My goal is to bridge the gap between homeowners and insurance companies so the process of making a claim has proper expectations.



Roofing and Restoration by Romney is focused on providing industry expertise in both roofing and insurance. I am a licensed general contractor, whose goal is to work with insurance agents and adjusters to help with roofing reconstruction from wind, hail, water, and mold. My past experience within the insurance industry allows me to better understand the claim process to make it as smooth as possible.